I want someone who loves amusement parks, the way I do. Someone who would not get impatient because he understands that there is a long line of people before getting into a 1 minute soul taking ride. Someone who would not get ill tempered because he understands that I like Roller Coaster than a Horror House. Someone who would not get irritated because I scream too loud and hold his hand too tight. Someone who would not get violent because there are a lot of people in the line and the ventilation is not always the way he expected it to be. Someone who would not get restless because we’ve been walking too long and too far. 

As I had observed yesterday, these are the problems most couples had encountered. I don’t know if they were just doing it because they want to exercise some kind of stupid authority over their enjoying girlfriend, or they were just really affected by the Final Destination’s scenarios, or they had a phobia when they were young or whatever inhibitions they have in their mind. To the point that they had the courage to cuss and shout on their girlfriend because of their temperamental affair.

But in whatever they have in mind, if I am to have a boyfriend I want someone who would just hold my hand tight as we scream and laugh in the air. I don’t care if he is not like the other guys who wouldn’t close their eyes as we go through the soul taking rides, or if he screams louder than I am, as long as in the end of the ride, we would laugh and tease each other playfully because we enjoyed the ride and we would love to ride it again all over and over again. 

And I believe that in a relationship you have to have a common interest, and I think, this is the common interest that I’ve been looking for. 

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