"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties. It means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming." Hillary Anne, a freshman college student from University of Santo Tomas. Have a productive day!

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i. Hedonic Adaptation, as I’ve read in one UPCAT question in Reading Comprehension, is about the adaptation of a human being to it’s environment, where in human beings has the ability of predicting future but exaggerates how they would deal with it. Some sources also described Hedonic Adaptation, as a tendency for a human to become happy again despite of all the mishaps he is experiencing.

ii. People from a break up; would tend to exaggerate the way they are coping up with their situation. They would cry everyday, they would cut their wrist and they would feel the depression eat them. Regardless, that human possess Hedonic Adaptation; that afterwards their body would soon adapt to the environment where there is the absence of that one person. 

ii. And I hate how I realized that the people who are so afraid to break up with the person they love despite the absence of love; feels like a coward. And that the person who commits suicide because of being left; feels like too shallow. And that the person who can’t move on with their past lover; feels like a wimp.

iii. Probably, love is the most erratic thing a person feels or shows or experience, but love should be beautiful, love should make you happy and contented, love should inspire you to be a better person and love should be fair. It doesn’t have to involve making hasty decisions that would make your life more miserable.

iv. Love someone, but not too much. Experience pain, but not dwell too much on it. Don’t hesitate to feel okay just so people would label you martyr or you would be the talk of the town because you are such a virtue of loyalty and love, remember that no one will love yourself but you. 

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