Since I was young, I had been already attending Eucharistic Mass and taking up Christian Living Education classes and since then I already knew that Jesus was pained by the people who didn’t believed Him but He still sacrificed Himself, for the people to come back to His father. 

And sometimes I wonder, what if there wasn’t Jesus yet? What if Jesus will just be known in the year 2014? Am I ready to believe Him when He comes to my house and proclaim that He’s the begotten son? Am I ready to accept Him when He becomes televised because of His miracles? Am I ready to stand up for Him when He started being beaten by the people? Am I ready to acknowledge Him when He becomes crucified in the cross? I guess not. It’s difficult to believe Him because I respect God so much, that I just can’t trust anyone who’d proclaim Himself. 

That’s why I cannot blame those people who weren’t believing in Him before, because after I had placed myself in their shoes I realized the complexity of the situation. 

Along with that, I realized the importance and difficultness between trust and faith. Trust and faith are both important but sometimes it’s better to have faith than to have trust on someone. Because, trust needs proof while faith doesn’t. 


that is the most relevant thing Rita Ora has done with her career

At hindi ka manlang nagpapigil ha ano break na tayo :((( maghubad ka muna sa harapan ko tapos bati na tayo

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He faced all this for you, for you to be loved, blessed, glorified, exalted, satisfied, accepted, freed and resurrected.

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Bride of the Century (Korean Drama)

This is one of those dramas that was really interesting the whole time. I thought it was predictable and plain, but I was wrong. And now that it’s done, what do I do? 

What was the story about? 

There were 2 families that were involved, one is the richest family in Korea and the other one is a family whose performance is decelerating and needed their daughter to marry the first son of the rich family to bring their business back. But the rich family has a curse that the first wife of the eldest son dies. So the other family hired a woman who’s identical to their daughter and let her be the wife until the first night. But the fake wife & the eldest son fell in love with each other. And that ruined the plan of the people involved. 

At first I thought this story was predictable and plain because from the start everything that I will predict in the end of every episode happens the following episode. But what made me stay were the ability of the main actress to give justice to the character of the antagonist & protagonist, the dialogues and of course the lesson of the story itself. 

I love how Yang Jin Sung were able to put differences with Jang Yi Kyung & Na Doo Rim. It wasn’t just because of the eye liner of Jang Yi Kyung but with her eyes itself that makes a different emotion from Na Doo Rim. It really looked like they were really different person. 

I also love the dialogues, especially during the time Choi Kang Ju found out that the Jang Yi Kyung in front of him was not Jang Yi Kyung and he kept on saying harsh words to Na Doo Rim to ease his pain, but it actually comes back to him twice. And when Na Doo Rim asked Lee Roo Mi not to tell Kang Ju the truth because it will just hurt him. It’s better that it’s just her hurting. Huhuhu. So much love. I mean, it’s kinda cliche for those dialogues but I just love everything. It shows too much love that you are willing to put yourself in front of the person you love so that you can cover him from all daggers that are being thrown into him. 

And of course the lesson of the story itself, sometimes when you did everything for your relationship & still get disliked by a lot of people, sometimes you have to bet your feelings and distance yourself first because it’s like giving a chance for everyone to know your worth and to also give peace of mind to that someone. And always remember that, as long as it’s not okay, it’s not yet the end. 

you can watch it here (http://www.dramago.com/korean-drama/bride-of-the-century-episode-1)

The reality of love isn’t about being loved back, but instead fighting for what you deserve. (yes taray naman hahahaha)

pahiramngurlmo: Thanks Hill. :*

No problem! Pero wag ka na din mag computer/magtext kasi ung radiation ng computer/cellphone baka mas lalo kang magkasakit tapos eat a lot of foods para maregain mo agad ung energy mo. Tapos magpalit ka ng magpalit tuwing napapawisan ka. And para mas fast recovery, magpahilot ka. Yan ung pinaka effective sa lahat, kasi baka ung sakit mo pagod lang talaga. Get well soon! :*

April 14, 2014

Nag-alarm ako ng 5am para magprepare. Kaso 4:30 palang nagring na ung phone tapos nakausap ko si Ate tinatanong niya ko kung nagprepare na kami, pero yun sabi ko kagigising ko lang. So nagmadali na din kaming magprepare, tapos tinawagan ko siya ng mga 5:30 tapos sinabi ko na okay na kami. Tapos maya-maya, dinaanan na nila kami dito sa bahay.

Breakfast @ Tapsilogan. Dumaan kami sa isang tapsilogan within Sampaloc Area pa din. 

Went to Farm in Batangas. After namin mag breakfast, dire-diretso na kami sa Batangas. All through out ng byahe, tulog lang ako. Which is very usual naman. Tapos maya-maya dumating na kami sa farm sa Batangas. Inayos lang namin ung gamit namin and naglinis ng mga kubo, and we left na din for Laiya, Batangas!

Swimming in Laiya, Batangas. So yun, nagpunta kami sa beach. First time kong makapunta sa beach na ‘to, at nung una natatakot ako kasi hindi talaga ako mahilig sa beach, bitch lang talaga ako. Ay weh. Hahaha. De, basta sa beach lang kasi sa Samar talaga ako naliligo, baka kasi masyadong malakas ung alon sa ibang beach or bigla nalang lumalalim. Pero un, dahil ung pamangkin kong si Joaquin sobrang excited na mag-swimming, edi nag-swimming kami! Hahaha. Naglalakad pa siya nung una, pero nung medyo lumalalim na ung water, yumakap na siya sakin. Hahaha! Cute cute. Tapos yun swimming swimming kami ♥ 

Dito rin kami nag lunch, may dala kaming foods. Kaya ayun, guilty nanaman ako, ayoko na ngang magpataba, kaso wala eh sarap kumain pag maganda view. Hahaha. 

Hindi rin ako ganun nagbabad sa dagat kasi natatakot akong umitim. Hahaha. Mahirap magpaputi! Hahaha. 

Tapos ang ewan ko lang, hindi ako nagdala ng pangpalit!! Hahaha. Well, kapag naliligo kasi ako sa dagat sa province hindi ako nagdadala ng pamalit kasi 5 minutes lang makakauwi ako agad eh, pero ngayon it’s different na nga pala :(( Haaha mga 30 minutes away pa! Hahaha.

Went back to Farm in Batangas. Mga 2pm kami umuwi. Tapos natutulog lang ako sa likod ng Van. Hahaha. Kakaantok lang. Tapos pag dating namin sa farm, naligo na ko. Tapos nag dinner kami. Tapos libot libot sa farm. Tapos nag-laro kami ng 1 2 3 pass. Super fun, ang talo magbabayad ng P1 tapos hanggang tumatagal ung game tumataas din yung bayad. Hahaha. Super fun! Naka P30 din ako no! Hahaha. 

Nung gabi nung Abunda & Aquino na, natulog na kami. Super lamig!! Sarap ng hangin!! Hahaha! 

The following day ang alarm ko eh ung mga sheep na nag-“BAAAAAAAAAAA” pero live ung alarm ko. Hahaha. Saya! Hahaha.

Emergency Couple (Korean Drama)

This is the drama that I watched to ease my longing for The Heirs, because Choi Jin-Hyuk is here!! I felt his versatility while I was comparing his character in The Heirs and Emergency Couple. I just love this drama plus the twists of my intestines with the bloods! Hahaha.

What was the story about?

It was about a divorced couple who met again in a hospital, as interns and how they tried to push away each other because they don’t want to relive the past they’ve been through.

This drama was a different kind of drama, for I always like fantasy related dramas and now this is more of a reality.

I love how I swoon every time they would press needles into the body of the patient and how the bloods would squirt like something gross. I love how I feel like a doctor wannabe whenever they are including technical terms. And I love how they promoted the efficiency of the doctors and the technological advancement of Korea in terms of Medical Equipments.

And also, I love how they made me realize the importance of family legacy, because in the story Chang Min was from a family of doctors. And as an incoming College student, I encountered a lot of my schoolmates who enrolled into Pre-med just because their parents’ family tree are doctors and not to mention how they disliked the idea. And during those times, I thought that I should agree with them because they are the ones who’ll study so they shouldn’t be dictated into that. But when I watched Emergency Couple, I realized that, it will not be easy for them to be a rebel against their family just because he doesn’t like the program his parents want him to be in. Because, it is a legacy that turns into a title. And it is important for every family to have that certain title in them. And you won’t expect your family to just say “okay you choose your own path” after you became against them, instead they’ll just push you more. Until you have no choice but to follow them.

And last but not the least, Emergency Couple taught me what destiny means. Destiny is about finding the right timing. Not because you were past lovers, it already means that you are no longer have to be together in the present. Destiny sometimes pause for a moment for the couples to grow maturely and be able to fix themselves and come back to each other’s arms again. And it doesn’t matter when or where, what matters is that your feelings are now more genuine and mature.

So yeah, this was a good drama. The lessons were very well portrayed, you can watch this as long as you have a strong stomach for bloods. Hehehe.

You can watch it here (http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/emergency-couple-episode-1)

Anonymous: PRIDE ang dahilan kung bakit may mga taong ayaw tumanggap ng payo. Yun lang.

Aww harsh. Hahaha. Actually hindi namin natin sila masisisi, voluntary lang naman ang pagbibigay ng advice. At para naman sa taong tumatanggap nun, parang nanghihingi lang sya ng idea sa mga payo mo. Hindi porkit nagbigy ka ng advice, yun na kagad ung gagawin nila. Kasi iba ang advice sa order. Hahaha gets mo ba ko? O baka magulo ung pagkakaexplain ko. Hehehehe

April 10, 2014 (Last Day!)

Sobrang tinatamad ako gumising nung araw na to. Eh syempre uuwi na kami. Nag-eenjoy pa ko. Sobrang bitin na bitin pa ko. Pero wala eh, binugbog ako ni Ivan. Hinampas na ko ng unan, kumot & foam tapos dadaganan pa. Sinong hindi magigising?! Hahaha. 


Nagbreakfast muna kami for the last time. Tapos chaka kami nag swimming ulit. Halos lahat ng swimming pool nga nagamit namin nung umaga. Tapos hindi ako nag slide kasi sobrang sakit talaga ng mga hita ko. Pinipilit nila ako. Pero ayoko. Hahaha. Tapos ayun swimming swimming. Medyo nakakatakot na nga rin ng konti, kasi umaaraw na. Ayoko umitim :(( 

Pero ang benta talaga nung hinabol nila si Sir balance tapos tinulak ba naman sa swimming pool! Putek mga bastos!! Hahaha. Tapos si Sir Manubay din, yumayakap na dun sa gilid, kasi ayaw niya talagang magswimming eh hinahatak na siya. Actually bubuhatin na. Hahaha. Mga bastos na estudyante. Hahaha. Wala eh, tropa nalang! Hahaha. 


Maya-maya unti unti na kaming nagaalisan dun sa pool. Tapos finally, umakyat na kami. Tapos nag-ayos na ng gamit & naligo na rin. Tapos after ko maligo, humiga muna ako at matutulog sana. >___> Pero nalulungkot talaga ako, ayoko pa umalis. Huhuhu. Sana makatulog nalang ako tapos hindi ako magising, kaya matutulog nalang kami ulit. Hahaha.


Actually kaya hindi talaga ako nakatulog kasi sayaw to sila ng sayaw sa harapan ko eh. Babae lang po ako, mapusok! Hahahahahahaha joke lang. De, nakakatwa kasi si Echo (ung naka blue sa likod) kagabi ko pa kasi siya inaaway, tapos yan, sumasayaw siya kaya pinagtitripan ko siya. Hahaha! Pero galing talaga nila sumayaw, kainis sana man lang nakakuha din ako ng talent sa pagsayaw. 

Maya-maya nag lunch na kami. Tapos maya-maya ulit, nagmeryenda pa kami. Grabe, sobrang daming blessings ni Lord. Hahaha.


Last groupie sa Novich Resort, San Antonio, Nueva Ecija. Tapos by 3pm, umalis na kami. It was a long drive, sobrang inaantok na talaga ako. Kaya tulog lang ako ng tulog. Kung anu-ano nanaman itsura ko dun promise. Hahaha. Nganga pa naman ako minsan. Hahaha. 


Nag-stop over kami sa Mega Station. And nung nakita ko ung KFC, chaka ko lang narealize. Omg, dito pala kami unang nag picture ni crush. Nung mga panahon na wala pa kong gusto sakanya at wala pa kong pakialam. Hahaha. Ung nung nag picture kami na wala pang sparks. Kainis. Hahaha. ♥♥ So yun kinikilig ako! Hahaha. 

Nakarating kami sa bahay nga mga 7:30 na. Parang mas naging mas long drive pa nga yung pag-uwi namin. Pero it was fun naman. Hinatid nila kami hanggang sa street. 

Hay Nueva, gusto kitang balikan next year ulit. Hahaha! See you!! ♥ And to make this dream into a reality, kailangan maging regular ako sa college ko, para hindi ako mag summer class. Hahaha. 

okay-lang-ako: good morning x

Hi good evening!! Nabasa ko ung post mo about sa mama mo. Ako din, nung March 31, nasigawan ko din si Mama. Tapos pag baba ko ng phone napa- “Ay bastos kang bata ka, bat mo sinigawan? Ang kapal naman ng muka mo” ako sa sarili ko. :((((((( sakit no. last na yun promise. :((((( unless magtatanan na kami ni lee min ho tapos aayaw sya, magagalit talaga ako sisigawan ko ulit sya HAHAHAHA 

withexpressionohaaa: Good morning!

Good Evening!! Hi!! Kamusta? Nakakagutom sa blog mo. Gusto ko nung donuts :((( 

theraspberrygirl: Oy. Andito kaya ako. Friend mo naman ako diba.

weh busy ka kaya sa boyfriend mo